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Most of us reading this article right now can probably already smell the turkey, ham, or other delicious mainstay of the impending Thanksgiving Meal cooking in the kitchen… and we should all stop what we’re doing, pause the music, close our eyes, and thank Life for granting us this wonderful moment.

OK, now open your eyes, restart the music, take another deep breath inhaling those wondrously aromatic food scents, and get back to enjoying the day!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

– Jolly Frogg

P.S. — You really didn’t think we’d forget to post a humorous Thanksgiving pic, did you? Someone invited Big Bird over for dinner… and neglected to mention a very important detail about the meal! :) -- free comment pictures for myspace!
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OK, so we got a bit distracted by other projects and kind of let this one fall by the wayside… but in our defense we have a GREAT excuse: Life got in the way! Ha ha.

So look for this site to get filled up QUICK with all sorts of cool ideas for making your Christmas Paradise as cool and wonderful as your imagination will allow!

– Jolly Frogg