Flesh Stack Cream Make-Up
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This Flesh Stack Cream Make-Up contains high-coverage cream makeup in stackable, reusable containers. This cream-based makeup stack gives you the perfect color combinations to create a great effect for any scary beast or animal costume. Includes Light Flesh, Medium Flesh, Dark Flesh, and Wolf Brown Cream Make-Up. Whether you are going for a horrific werewolf look or are wanting something less scary like a cute leopard, this Flesh Stack Cream Makeup is perfect for creating whatever look you desire. Directions To apply Cinema Secrets Cream Makeup, press a Cinema Secrets White Makeup Sponge into the makeup, lifting it onto the sponge. Apply the makeup to the skin using a light dragging or streaking motion. Upon completion of the desired character you should set the makeup using a Cinema Secrets Powder Puff and a small amount of Cinema Secrets Colorless Powder. Sprinkle a small amount of Colorless Powder onto the puff, fold the puff in half, and rub the powder in. Press, do not smudge, the puff into the makeup, covering all areas. To remove the powdery look, use a clean damp powder brush or tissue and lightly brush over or blot, removing the excess powder. For an opaque or solid look, apply a second layer of makeup using a patting or stippling motion. When applying makeup to several people, we recommend scooping out a small portion of makeup and placing it on a clean palette, or flat surface. This allows for a much more sanitary makeup environment. Doing makeup on areas like the neck and hands can give a completed finished look to your character. Removal Using your fingers, a Cinema Secrets White Makeup Sponge or Powder Puff, work a small amount of Cinema Secrets Makeup & Adhesive Remover into the makeup, rubbing lightly in a circular motion. Once the makeup starts to come off, wipe with a tissue or paper towel. Repeat until clean.
Manufacturer: Cinema Secrets
Model Number: CIN-CC004C
Your Cost: $11.99 $8.99

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