As usual we had a bit of fun around our place with loud scary music, loud creepy sounds, strobe lights, black lights, spider webs made of yarn, big fuzzy spiders suspended on yarn spider webs, orange porch lights, fog/smoke machines, ‘dancing’ laser lights through fog/smoke… and Sasquatch made his first appearance this year!

Though he did not stay long, he did scare the crap out of babies, little kids AND adults during his visit. Check out these exclusive photos of the ever-elusive (and actually very well-mannered) Sasquatch!

Sasquatch Photo -- 10/31/12

And here we get a little closer to him…

Sasquatch Photo -- 10/31/12

And finally, check out the HEIGHT of Sasquatch as he towers over a woman brave enough to ask him for a photo and a hug…

Sasquatch Photo -- 10/31/12

A hearty thanks to all the trick’or’treat visitors last night and to Sasquatch for stopping by. We hope to see everyone we saw this year in a year’s time!

In the meantime…

Other holidays (like Christmas, for example!) loom right around the corner and if you have not already found the perfect Holiday Decorations, lights, ornaments, Christmas Tree, wreath, garland, etc., then we highly suggest you check out the Christmas Blog on FroggWear.Com!

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