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Model Number: SNW80063 Your Cost is Just $19.99

The tree limbs are bare swaying to and fro in the whistling wind from the oncoming storm. You meant to be home an hour ago but time had slipped away, now you’re racing home this storm. You could go home by following Broadway or you could hurry through the cemetery and cut the time in half.As the first few drops of cold rain hit your face you tuck your chin into your jacket and start your trip through the graveyard. It’s just as creepy as you imagined it would be, the marble slabs glowing dimly in the gloom. An eerie squeak sounds out, you can’t tell where it’s coming from but you know it’s close.This bat is just what you wouldn’t want to see as you’re making your way through the graveyard in a stormy night. When you hang this creepy bat skeleton with its pronounced fangs for Halloween it’ll give any guest the willies. Just as we’re learning to love the little flying mammals those bats go and amp up their creep factor!

Size(s): ST

Costume Summary: This creepy skeleton bat is sure to give your guests a case of the creepy crawlies!

Costume Categories: Skeletons

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