7.5 T-Rex Skull Candy Bowl
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Model Number: SNHZ28238 Your Cost is Just $19.99

ANCIENT BEDROCK BITESEveryone knows that snacks are probably the best thing on the planet.  Even back in the caveman days, folks were looking forward to a nice afternoon or post-dinner bite to sate their sweet tooth. And, while dinosaurs and early man might not have actually been hanging out together, our ancient cousins certainly knew how to use what the dinos left behind to make sure they were having a fantastic time.  Paleontologists are always finding evidence of prehistoric parties!PRODUCT DETAILSGive your friends and family a chance to feel the excitement of the prehistoric times when they reach into this T-Rex Skull Candy Bowl to snag a bite.  This plastic molded bowl looks like a dinosaur fossil that the local scientists would go nuts over locating.  Its bottom jaw makes a perfect bowl-shape to store any of your treats and, measuring at 7.5 inches high, you’ll have room for a ton of them!THE BEST BITE, EVER!What’s better than chomping down into a delicious cookie or piece of sweet treats?  Well, the thrill of reaching into the maw of an ancient predator in order to win that snack might just be the kicker that brings your festivity from a delightful affair to a frightfully great one!  

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Costume Summary: This 7.5 T-Rex Skull Candy Bowl is great for Halloween but how about using it for a birthday party decoration too. It offers lots of room to hold candy or cookies but also looks awesome just as it is! Conversation piece all year round.

Costume Categories: Skeletons

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