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ANCIENT FOSSIL OR FEROCIOUS FOE?Folks have been hunting since First Man to find evidence of dragons.  Tales about dragons are pretty consistent throughout all cultures, even before any of them could chat with each other, so it’s pretty convincing that they might have one day been real.Of course, creatures so rooted in mysticism leaves a few concerns.  If we ever do find a skeleton of a dragon, how can we be certain that the thing isn’t still alive?  Well, not alive.  Do they even make undead dragons!?  PRODUCT DETAILSShow some culture and intrigue in your home with this little Dragon Skeleton.  This bleach white bone dragon stands 7 inches tall and looks ready to defend its treasure hoard, whether that is your change, your keys, or maybe the candy dish.  So long as the magic of the season doesn’t actually animate the realistic looking creature, we’re pretty sure it will give your den the perfect, mystic atmosphere.  (And, if it does, you’ve got a great buddy!) START THEM SMALLIf you’re going to find out for sure if a dragon fossil is just an amazing piece of art or a legitimate undead creature, it is best to go with a tiny version just to make sure it is manageable.  This Undead Dragon figure is spooky and adorable and considerably safer (and easier to display) than a life size one! 

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Costume Summary: Decorate and haunt your guests with this 7 Dragon Skeleton this Halloween. Check out our great variety of other skeletons to complete the look.

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