Skeleton Owl Halloween Decoration
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Model Number: SNZ28048 Your Cost is Just $24.99

Instead of saying, hoo hoo, this eerie skeleton owl says, boo boo. Unlike most owls, this one doesn’t have any feathers. Or skin for that matter. Instead of colored tufts of silky plumage, this owl is comprised of pure bone.* You can clearly see its bony beak, bare ribs, and if you look closely, you can also see the evil in its eyes. Usually perched on a barren and bleak branch of a Deadwood tree, this owl enjoys lurking in the forest, waiting to swoop down and creep out any unsuspecting woodland dwellers.If you want to create the same spooky ambiance in your front yard, then balance this 14 tall poseable skeleton owl on the edge of your front steps or perch it on a tree branch. Every passerby will get the chills once they notice this nocturnal (and undead) night prowler!     *It’s actually plastic.       

Size(s): ST

Costume Summary: Add some spooky skeleton flair to your Halloween decor this year with this Skeleton Owl.

Costume Categories: Skeletons

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