Take Back Halloween
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As Halloween rolls around once more a lot of women find themselves faced with a wretched decision: To dress up as a hooker, flapper, scantily clad cheerleader, or other character that shows more skin than style.

Visit TakeBackHalloween.Org : Costume Ideas for Women w/ Imagination!

Although Scary Frogg LOVES a good high priced escort (costume), he also appreciates a well-done female costume that reflects favorably on the life, times and accomplishments of women in History that many people, including myself, may not have had the pleasure of reading about in the History books shoved down the throats of children in school… a ‘few’ years ago.

TakeBackHalloween.Org has a bunch of ideas for women who want to dress up as an important female figure from history… and by that last statement we CERTAINLY don’t mean Monica Lewinski!

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